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A night for animators & animation lovers to show work, share ideas and hang out.


Based in Birmingham UK, Overlap is a quarterly animation show and tell night. 


It's fun and messy. People introduce their work and a main guest 'show&tell's theirs, often with weird performances mixed in. The purpose is to create a regular deadline for filmmakers, and to be a way for the animation community to get together.


Each quarter we have an optional prompt. If it’s interesting, entertaining or well-made we’ll consider it. Animations from 1 second long can be submitted. We’re also a safe space for everyone, including smut. If there’s something sensitive, keep an open mind. Hearing the filmmaker's perspective helps too. 


Overlap is organised by Louis Hudson (me, hello). Louis (hi) is an award-winning animator / director from Birmingham. My work is known for its absurd character-led comedy that has led me to work with BBC, Channel 4 and Nickelodeon.

I started Overlap because I wanted a regular night that gave animators a reason to develop. Birmingham is largely a cottage industry of folks getting on with it in isolation. That’s hard to crack into, so I want Overlap to do the following: ​

  • act as a showcase,

  • get animators an audience,

  • be an opportunity for new and established animators,

  • make Birmingham’s creative scene more visible.

It’s been satisfying seeing people at their first animation night having a great time. It adds to the honest feedback that a live audience gives to a filmmaker. It’s also been a pleasure to meet so many talented animators since we started in May 2019.

Thanks to everyone who's got involved so far. It feels like we’ve got a great community of animation artists brewing in the Midlands.

Thanks for joining!

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