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May 2023's Playlist:

Greg McLeod - Toplow?

Amy Fitzpatrick - Blueberry Pie

Amber Iles - Shapeshifter vs Teleporter, Topflow

Donovan Lenten - I Fucking Hate Sand

Kat Pickford - Orange

Tat Vision & Jacob Faulkner - Modern Hoarder Playstation Game

Krunk - GEIST

Leo Wright - No Man's Land

Maria Tomazou - Jellyfish Tango

Occulta Dama - D is For Dissociate, Bodies Without Organs (+ live sound design by Louis)

Ollie Jones & Brandon Kahn - Fence, The Hill

Pahnl - Who Am I?, Heart Shaped

Natasza Cetner - Nigel

Cat Bruce - Birds Of Passage, On And On, TOPFLOWCAT, Dùsgadh trailer + BTS

Kijek/Adamski - Showreel, Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi, Slow Light Making Of.

Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson


Blender Experiments

Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners

Recycled Robots


A Cat Called Dom trailer

Interval Clips by:

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams.

It was nice to see loads of new inspirational faces, including a sensitive greyhound and a giant thumb that smushed my face. We also had pots of Play-Doh dotted around for people to smush to their will.

Sam Gainsborough came to talk through his incredible work. Sam is a mixed media director, repped by Blink Ink. His final NFTS film ‘Facing It’ won international awards, including Vimeo’s Best Of The Year. Sam recently guest directed on Channel 4’s ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’. Bringing his instantly recognisable claymation style to the series. “Urgh, claymation”

Thanks to everyone who got involved, Max Priddy for being on the buttons, and BFI Network & Lemar Barrett for their support.

February 2023's Playlist:

Chongwen Men - Flipped

Naduo Wu - Ward

Angus Ulyett - Valentine's Smush

Ben Sadler - Smush, Ghosts, I Am Being Creative, Painting and Peeing, Have You Been to the Exhibition, Juneau Projects talk, Specular Reflecular

Martin McNally - Smushface

Sophia Kolk-Smith - Seawinkle

Sweet and Sweaty - Heartbreak, Showreel

Jacob Faulkner - Void

Greg McLeod - Derek Gets What He Paid For, Kaboom 2023 Ident

Alex Jolliffe - Smoosh

Amber Iles - Smush, Crack the Egg, Tardigrade

Sam Gainsborough

Facing It

Trolli Mouth Quest

B&Q - Later Means Never

Clash Of Clans

Sparks Brothers Mallet Scene

Clamation Experiments

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Shaping Us - Centre For Early Childhood

Interval clips by:

Amber Iles, Amelie Ryder-Potter, Ana Jefimova, Anthony Mbidzo, Benedetto K, Carina Hanslik, Daniel Matthew, Doug Wilson, Emily Doyle, Kyle Douglas, Leo Wright, Louis Hudson, Nathan Stewart, Georgia Madden, Parmy Sodhi, Planet Brill, Robbie King, Ross Butter, Roy Broomhead, Shaikh Subhan Zafar, Sharna Crow

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams. Additional Play-Doh gentleman photo by Tamsyn Preedy.

It feels great to be on a run of getting bigger with people coming from ever further to take part. It seemed like you all had fun, even if I couldn’t hear or see most of it from inside my easel.

We had FOUR headline guests filming a live She Drew That podcast. Katie Menzies (1/2 of Cabeza Patata), Eva Münnich, Angie Phillips (Arc Studio) and Hannah Lau-Walker talked about their work, experiences, and SDT’s 3 main focuses: Support, Development and Promotion of women in animation.

Starting as a monthly meet up, She Drew That runs initiatives that support, develop and promote women in animation. Workshops, interviews, mentoring, residencies & animation challenges. All designed to demystify the industry, build skills, and access jobs. Find out more at:

Thanks to Bigtooth Studios for filming and Robbie King for being on the buttons.

November 2022's Playlist

Asher Fai - An Oath To Silence, My Passion

Matilde Senos - Juni And Evy

Sam Brentnall - Full Milk

Greg McLeod - Flamingo - Tim Burgess

Carlton Matthews - Mutton

Joseph Daly - Does Your Head Do This, Strange Little Man, Be The Best You, TV, Mall

Waheeda Rahman-Mair - Lionsapien - Oliver Asadi x Afrirampo

Minseo Kim - My Small Happiness

Qianhui Yu - Can Can, Wastopia, What's On Your Mind - Drug Store Romeo

Hannah Lau-Walker - Yeah, I'm Good Thanks

Kacey Morrow - Switcharoo

She Drew That

Live Podcast hosted by Hannah Lau-Walker

with guests Angie Phillips, Eva Münnich & Katie Menzies

Interval clips by:

Amber Iles, Anita Walker, Bianca Popescu & Jennifer Vasilian, Cabeza Patata, Carlton Matthews, Eva Münnich, Ewan Owens, Jerome McCalla, Leo Wright, Matilde Senos, Matt Hayman, Oscar Hill, Pickle & Morever, Qianhui Yu, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Vincent Man, Will Humphreys, Zuzanna Szyszak

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

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