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We had a programme rammed with great animation. Louis was dressed a giant felt Overlap eyeball. Max tore off Louis' face. And we were joined by Oscar-nominated CalArts alumni, Siqi Song.

Siqi's films are packed with feeling, humour, and a lot of felt. As well as winning plenty of awards, they have screened at the likes of Sundance, SXSW, Annecy and Ottawa.

We also got to see preview of Room To Read, a collaboration from Siqi and our very own Second Home Studios.

August 2023's Playlist:

Sara Schiavone - Sausage Rub

Leo Wright - Mrs Wilkins and Her Magic Handbag

Jake Wesley-Worrall & Interlard - Holes

Amber Iles - Rain Girl, Raindrop

Megumi Naitoh - Searching For Blue

Pahnl - Rameblow

Praneal Mistry - The Adventures of Blobby

Zeting Guan - No More

Yamination - This Is Shit

Robbie King - I Felt That

Occulta Dama - Bodies Without Organs, Feminine Life Lessons

Siqi Song



The Coin

Mailchimp - First Hire

Mailchimp - Switching Off

Mailchimp - Unstoppable Rise

Room To Read

Interval Clips by:

Amy Annakin, Ashleigh Hewitt, Benedetto Ku, Bianca Nicole Popescu, Christopher Austin, Chyna Mead, Daisy Lewis & Madgie Hall Dougherty, Dan Crew, Danny Dawson, Dax Edgington, Emily Kaye, Engfah Punjapaphawin, Giovanni Uche, Jerome McCalla, Logan Brown, Olivia Golding, Oliwia Sledzikowska, Pierce Harper, Ryan Boylett, Sara Schiavone, Weronika Rychlik, Will Humphreys, Zuzanna Szyszak

Photos by Trevor Price. Edited by Louis Hudson .

We had an All-Star, Topflow, Flatpack Festival Special, and we were nearly at capacity with over 250 people in the room. Was Louis dressed as a shiny volcano? As a prawn? Was is 'Topflow'?

The film programme was rammed with inspiring work, with guests coming from Edinburgh, London and Poland! Congratulations to Amber Iles for winning a print from Will for her Topflow submission.

A LOT had happened since our special guests Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson were last at Overlap 3.5 years ago . We saw how Ainslie’s early tests turned into over a year animating outdoors for his BFI funded short, Shackle. Fresh from speaking at Pictoplasma, Will showed how obsessively deep he has got into Blender.

And if one Overlap wasn't enough, the following day we had a Q&A screening of Will and Ainslie feature documentary, A Cat Called Dom.

May 2023's Playlist:

Greg McLeod - Toplow?

Amy Fitzpatrick - Blueberry Pie

Amber Iles - Shapeshifter vs Teleporter, Topflow

Donovan Lenten - I Fucking Hate Sand

Kat Pickford - Orange

Tat Vision & Jacob Faulkner - Modern Hoarder Playstation Game

Krunk - GEIST

Leo Wright - No Man's Land

Maria Tomazou - Jellyfish Tango

Occulta Dama - D is For Dissociate, Bodies Without Organs (+ live sound design by Louis)

Ollie Jones & Brandon Kahn - Sevendust - Fence, People Taking Pictures - The Hill

Pahnl - Who Am I?, Heart Shaped

Natasza Cetner - Nigel

Cat Bruce - Birds Of Passage, On And On, TOPFLOWCAT, Dùsgadh trailer + BTS

Kijek/Adamski - Showreel, Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi, Slow Light Trailer + BTS

Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson

Adult Swim Splashy Ducks

My Best Friend Explodes

Scroogin On A Greg

Turkey Dubstep

My Best Friend Rewinds

Xmas Is Cancelled

Blender Experiments

Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners

Recycled Robots


A Cat Called Dom trailer

Interval Clips by:

Abbie James, Aidan Lee, Arpan, Ben Arrowsuch, Benjamin Bop Watson, Davey Joe McClure, Eugenia Hamilton, Giovanni Uche, Jerome McCalla, Louis Hudson, Matilde Senos, Matt Butler, Maughan Ella-Ray, Ministry Of Motion, Nadia Barbu, Pheeb Robinson, Pickle x Rosa Kennedy, Planet Brill, Sara Schiavone,

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams.

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