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February 2022 'Satisfying'

Our biggest event yet, featuring, special guest Laurie Rowan, live music and brainwave visualisations from Rosa Francesca, a groan tube recital from Tat Vision, and Louis in a bubblewrap suit.

This event had more of a behind-the-scenes-y vibe than usual. It was all very satisfying.

Rosa Francesca’s performance was hypnotic, using a hacked meditation headset to show a visualisation of her brainwaves. It was powerful to see the audience glancing between Rosa and her brainwaves in unison, figuring out the relationship between Rosa's actions, emotions, and what was happening on screen.

Our special guest, Laurie Rowan, showed us the journey of finding his style, the progression to directing, and the art of constantly trying new experiments.

Thanks to Second Home Studios' Amanda Haas for the incredible trophies, Max Priddy for being on the buttons, and BFI Network for the continuing support.

February 2022's Playlist

Second Home Studios - WaterAid: The Girls Who Turned To Water + Making Of

Dingli Yang - The Gate

Dan Crew - No Secret - Rage On

Elliot Spencer-Wright - Track Stridin'

Nicola Nikolaos Finizio - Nosferatu, 2D FX Reel, Klaus 2D FX breakdown

Phoebe & Rachel Rutter - Sketti

Well Douglas - Tat Vision Ep 7 Doll, Ep 33 Bangles, Ep 45 Lamp Shade, The Nostalgia Coma

Groan Tube live performance

Rosa Francesca music performance + live visuals driven by Rosa's brain signals.

Laurie Rowan

Career Presentation

GIFs: Just Looking, Wibblyman, Legs, Holehead, Bowl Strut, Bowls

It’s A Messy Business

Interval animations by:

Abbie Partridge, Angus Ulyett, Carlton Matthews, Holly Jameson, JanCarlo Caling, Jihyun Kim, Junior Thomas, Ted H Jones, Kate Lizzy Davis, Katie Durkin, Louis Hudson, Nicola Finizio, Pickle x Rosa Kennedy, Pierce Harper, Simon Price, Well Douglas, Tali/Aaron Peart

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

Next Event

Overlap Show & Tell 'I FELT THAT'
Overlap Show & Tell 'I FELT THAT'
30 Aug, 19:00 – 22:00
Nortons Digbeth,
43-45 Meriden St, Birmingham B5 5LS, UK
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