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February 2023 'Smush'

It was nice to see loads of new inspirational faces, including a sensitive greyhound and a giant thumb that smushed my face. We also had pots of Play-Doh dotted around for people to smush to their will.

Sam Gainsborough came to talk through his incredible work. Sam is a mixed media director, repped by Blink Ink. His final NFTS film ‘Facing It’ won international awards, including Vimeo’s Best Of The Year. Sam recently guest directed on Channel 4’s ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’. Bringing his instantly recognisable claymation style to the series. “Urgh, claymation”

Thanks to everyone who got involved, Max Priddy for being on the buttons, and BFI Network & Lemar Barrett for their support.

February 2023's Playlist:

Sophia Kolk-Smith - Seawinkle

Sparks Brothers Mallet Scene

Interval clips by:

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams. Additional Play-Doh gentleman photo by Tamsyn Preedy.


Next Event

Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
16 Aug 2024, 19:00 – 22:00
Nortons Digbeth,
43-45 Meriden St, Birmingham B5 5LS, UK
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