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May 2021 'Pomp'

We were back with a bang in our new home, Nortons Digbeth. Diddy Sweg played live music, with Antonio Roberts creating a backdrop of live coded visuals. And of course, we show&telled incredible new animation too.

Thanks to a pair of jumbo arms we kept things safely distanced. It was exciting to be in the same room as so many talented people again. Some filmmakers have shown so much animation that it was time they got more than just a standard badge. We've now got silver and gold badges, and even a trophy.

May 2021's playlist:

Martin McNally/Mixed Milk - EXIT (Not online, but informed EXCERPT)


Next Event

Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
16 Aug 2024, 19:00 – 22:00
Nortons Digbeth,
43-45 Meriden St, Birmingham B5 5LS, UK
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