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November 2022 'Who's That Girl?'

It feels great to be on a run of getting bigger with people coming from ever further to take part. It seemed like you all had fun, even if I couldn’t hear or see most of it from inside my easel.

We had FOUR headline guests filming a live She Drew That podcast. Katie Menzies (1/2 of Cabeza Patata), Eva Münnich, Angie Phillips (Arc Studio) and Hannah Lau-Walker talked about their work, experiences, and SDT’s 3 main focuses: Support, Development and Promotion of women in animation.

Starting as a monthly meet up, She Drew That runs initiatives that support, develop and promote women in animation. Workshops, interviews, mentoring, residencies & animation challenges. All designed to demystify the industry, build skills, and access jobs. Find out more at:

Thanks to Bigtooth Studios for filming and Robbie King for being on the buttons.

November 2022's Playlist

Asher Fai - An Oath To Silence, My Passion

Matilde Senos - Juni And Evy

Sam Brentnall - Full Milk

Greg McLeod - Flamingo - Tim Burgess

Carlton Matthews - Mutton

Joseph Daly - Does Your Head Do This, Strange Little Man, Be The Best You, TV, Mall

Waheeda Rahman-Mair - Lionsapien - Oliver Asadi x Afrirampo

Minseo Kim - My Small Happiness

Qianhui Yu - Can Can, Wastopia, What's On Your Mind - Drug Store Romeo

Hannah Lau-Walker - Yeah, I'm Good Thanks

Kacey Morrow - Switcharoo

She Drew That

Live Podcast hosted by Hannah Lau-Walker

with guests Angie Phillips, Eva Münnich & Katie Menzies

Interval clips by:

Amber Iles, Anita Walker, Bianca Popescu & Jennifer Vasilian, Cabeza Patata, Carlton Matthews, Eva Münnich, Ewan Owens, Jerome McCalla, Leo Wright, Matilde Senos, Matt Hayman, Oscar Hill, Pickle & Morever, Qianhui Yu, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Vincent Man, Will Humphreys, Zuzanna Szyszak

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

Next Event

Overlap Show & Tell 'I FELT THAT'
Overlap Show & Tell 'I FELT THAT'
30 Aug, 19:00 – 22:00
Nortons Digbeth,
43-45 Meriden St, Birmingham B5 5LS, UK
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