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We were back with a bang in our new home, Nortons Digbeth. Diddy Sweg played live music, with Antonio Roberts creating a backdrop of live coded visuals. And of course, we show&telled incredible new animation too.

Thanks to a pair of jumbo arms we kept things safely distanced. It was exciting to be in the same room as so many talented people again. Some filmmakers have shown so much animation that it was time they got more than just a standard badge. We've now got silver and gold badges, and even a trophy.

May 2021's playlist:

Mo Al-Bukair - Salt and Pepper

Dominick Green - Reading Is For Dorks

Emily Doyle - Saprophytes & Passerines

Carlton Matthews - CLBRKS & DWEEB - FOOTONNECK

Dan Crew - Sunshine - Certain

Joseph Daly - Does Your Head?

Ollie Jones & Brandon Kahn - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Pukebox

Ollie Jones - Myles Kennedy - Get Along

Martin McNally/Mixed Milk - EXIT (Not online, but informed EXCERPT)

Fraser Ntukula - To Get Her

Diddy Sweg + live coded visuals by Antonio Roberts (aka hellocatfood)

Interval animations by: Amy Fitzpatrick, Dominick Green, Shiyi Li, Antonio Roberts, Davey Joe McClure, Josh Leach

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

After a setback in Covid cases we were back online for our Christmas Do.

Thanks to everybody who took part. As much as I've hated running the online events, I'm really glad to have met so many new animation faces in the last 8 months.

We've got plans to be back big in May. Including all the usual technical mishaps. Fingers crossed to meet you all in real life then.


December 2020's playlist:

(Click here to watch the playlist)

Asher Fai - The Angels

Dan Tyrer - Book Of Secrets

Riya Chowdhury - Kapok

William Marler - Cosmic Shambles

Tentacle Media - Gingerbread

Shiyi Li - Moonlight

Rosa Francesca - Santa Lucia

Samantha Moore - Treasure WIPs

Joseph Daly - Stuck In A Strange Loop, Secret Room, House Fly

Martin McNally/Mixed Milk - When the Sun Came - Nick Jonah Davis

Cardbot - Xmas Cards

Phoebe Rutter & Luke Routledge - Leofrick Commutes to Work

Ollie Jones - Tally Ho - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Taian Lu - Diverse, Void

Dan Crew - Songs For A Violent Sky

Luke Frangeskou - Galaxy Brain Anti-Vaxxer

Louis Hudson - Sproutmas, Cigarette Break, Slimmer of the Year, What’s Up Your Cracker, Find My Sixpence

Pete Richards - RL Grime’s Halloween IX

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

Using Zoom we were back in the Virtual Bar with a load of new faces and BFI Network's Alexzandra Jackson talking about funding.

Swatpaz made a return, we had some gatecrashing flat-earthers, and Ross Butter introduced IN PERSON. Actual human interaction!

I was dreading another Zoom event but it was fun and the community felt alive. It’s really encouraging to meet so many new and returning animation faces. Thanks for taking part and see you next time.


September 2020's playlist:

(Click here to watch the playlist)

Tentacle Media - The Wonderful World of Networking

Swatpaz - Deek’s Report: Baths And Showers

Shiyi Li - CVBA - my local

Anya Butler / Meppity - Crime Of Passion, SOUP

Alice Harper - Big Feet, Two-Dog Night trailer

Dan Crew - Methods - State School Kids

Mudavaye / Natalie Robinson - Wet, Showreel

Occulta dama - Steve Troll, Lunar C Shnaffleberry

Luke Frangeskou - Crash Report

Ross Butter - Boris + Kung Fu Croc

Josh Leach - Candid - April

Luke Bourne - What's Green And Smells Of Pork

Ollie Jones - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Mr Prism

Break videos by: Carlton Matthews, Taian Lu, Amy Fitzpatrick, Jess Lock, Malachi Bedeau, j4zzh4nd, Louis Hudson

Photos by David Stanley / Guri Bosh.

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