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Our biggest event yet, featuring, special guest Laurie Rowan, live music and brainwave visualisations from Rosa Francesca, a groan tube recital from Tat Vision, and Louis in a bubblewrap suit.

This event had more of a behind-the-scenes-y vibe than usual. It was all very satisfying.

Rosa Francesca’s performance was hypnotic, using a hacked meditation headset to show a visualisation of her brainwaves. It was powerful to see the audience glancing between Rosa and her brainwaves in unison, figuring out the relationship between Rosa's actions, emotions, and what was happening on screen.

Our special guest, Laurie Rowan, showed us the journey of finding his style, the progression to directing, and the art of constantly trying new experiments.

Thanks to Second Home Studios' Amanda Haas for the incredible trophies, Max Priddy for being on the buttons, and BFI Network for the continuing support.

February 2022's Playlist

Interval animations by:

We had animators falling into a pile of leaves in order to win a Dorcha LP and Mr Egg badge. Louis dressed like a suave acorn too.

Our guests, Remus and Kiki, were funny, insightful, and got the room buzzing. How a couple graft that hard and closely while not killing each other is a lesson in symbiosis.

Dorcha mixed their beautiful music with visuals by artists including Black Peppa, Shiyi Li and Brid Rose (How was that Brid’s first animation?!).

Thanks to Max Priddy for being on the buttons, RoguePlay for the crash mats, I Choose Birmingham for the badges, and BFI Network for the continuing support.

November 2021's Playlist

Intro + visuals by Shiyi Li

Monkey Dust + visuals by IMPATV

As + visuals by Brid Rose & Beth Bellis ft Black Peppa

Horses + visuals by Eric & Erin

Could we touch? Couldn’t we? It was strange to be mingling freely in the flesh after so long. The atmosphere was great, and thanks to Nortons’ airy bar it felt safe.

It was encouraging to see so much incredible new animation, a lot of which was created just for the night. It was a proper Midlands-wide showing too. Animators came in from Nottingham, Stafford, Milton Keynes and Gloucester to show their work. The community really felt alive and they brought the talent out in spades (We have a community. That’s nice isn’t it?).

Having two lots of guests falling through was a reminder that we’re not through this pandemic yet. We’ll keep doing fun events as long as we can, but always balancing them out with safety. I might even wear a crash helmet next time.

August 2021's Playlist

(Films that should have been shown... Oops. We'll play them next time.)

Interval animations by:

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