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May 2023 'TopFlow'

May 2023's Playlist:

Greg McLeod - Toplow?

Amy Fitzpatrick - Blueberry Pie

Amber Iles - Shapeshifter vs Teleporter, Topflow

Donovan Lenten - I Fucking Hate Sand

Kat Pickford - Orange

Tat Vision & Jacob Faulkner - Modern Hoarder Playstation Game

Krunk - GEIST

Leo Wright - No Man's Land

Maria Tomazou - Jellyfish Tango

Occulta Dama - D is For Dissociate, Bodies Without Organs (+ live sound design by Louis)

Ollie Jones & Brandon Kahn - Fence, The Hill

Pahnl - Who Am I?, Heart Shaped

Natasza Cetner - Nigel

Cat Bruce - Birds Of Passage, On And On, TOPFLOWCAT, Dùsgadh trailer + BTS

Kijek/Adamski - Showreel, Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi, Slow Light Making Of.

Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson


Blender Experiments

Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners

Recycled Robots


A Cat Called Dom trailer

Interval Clips by:

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams.

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