December 2020 'SECRET'

December 2020's playlist:

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Asher Fai - The Angels

Dan Tyrer - Book Of Secrets

Riya Chowdhury - Kapok

William Marler - Cosmic Shambles

Tentacle Media - Gingerbread

Shiyi Li - Moonlight

Rosa Francesca - Santa Lucia

Samantha Moore - Treasure WIPs

Joseph Daly - Stuck In A Strange Loop, Secret Room, House Fly

Martin McNally/Mixed Milk - When the Sun Came - Nick Jonah Davis

Cardbot - Xmas Cards

Phoebe Rutter & Luke Routledge - Leofrick Commutes to Work

Ollie Jones - Tally Ho

Taian Lu - Diverse, Void

Dan Crew - Songs For A Violent Sky

Luke Frangeskou - Galaxy Brain Anti-Vaxxer

Louis Hudson - Sproutmas, Cigarette Break, Slimmer of the Year, What’s Up Your Cracker, Find My Sixpence

Pete Richards - RL Grime’s Halloween IX

Overlap Animation Show & Tell

organised by Louis Hudson. Supported by BFi Network.