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May 2020 'WILD'

Our first lockdown special featured Swatpaz and Jess Ashman and took place as part of Flatpack Festival.

May’s Overlap was an experiment in creating as live and interactive a replacement as possible. As part of that David Stanley aka Guri Bosh was on hand again capturing the atmosphere of a live night from isolation. What makes a night like this worth it for me is the honest feedback you get from a live audience, and the random encounters you make around the venue. Loads of work went into integrating Zoom into the broadcast. Its breakout rooms helped create a way to randomly mingle. I can't wait for us to be back together. The real thing is way more satisfying, but it felt like we had a moment. The quality and amount of work submitted for the night was inspiring. Huge thanks to our guests Jessica Ashman and Swatpaz.


May 2020's playlist:

(Click here to watch the playlist)

Oliver Jones - Mundungus Colour

Break videos by: Agu Crisostomo, Amy Fitzpatrick, Anton Zhekov, Carlton Matthews, Eleanor Simeonov, Gabby Lingtye, Gideon Beresford, Leelou Gordon-Fox, Millie Quick, Luke Frangeskou, Ross Butter, Siam Morrel, Will Garratt


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Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
Overlap Show & Tell 'FOR CRYING OUT LOUD' + Phil Brookes
16 Aug 2024, 19:00 – 22:00
Nortons Digbeth,
43-45 Meriden St, Birmingham B5 5LS, UK
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