February 2020 'ACCIDENT'


Matt Hayman - ____Roll, Con Troll, CTRL

Louis Hudson - Accident

Jake Wesley-Worral - Switch

Laura Watson - Devoid

Taian Lu - Break The Confinement

Jacob Faulkner / Ordos - Balance Disorder

William Marler - Secrets And Lies, Who Am I?

Evgenia Golubeva - I Am Not A Mouse

Evgenia Golubeva -The Witch And The Baby

Ross Butter - Eamonn Holmes Gives Birth To A Swan

Luke Frangeskou - Frangeskou

Carlton Matthews - Caught Dealing

Greg McLeod - De-Cee-Voe-Mama-Jama

Second Home Studios - Accident, Da Vinci Indents

Kirk Sylvester - Minute Taker - Lust

Interval Videos by Dominic Vivil, Gabby Lingyte, Gareth Courage, Chris Richardson

Overlap Animation Show & Tell

organised by Louis Hudson. Supported by BFi Network.