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The set up was fairly epic for Shiyi Li & Gloria Yehilevsky's live music and performance infused animation, Minister Of Loneliness.

Our new home was Kongs Birmingham who weren't quite sure what to expect as we set up projector screens and a full-sized orchestral glockenspiel.

The turn out was fantastic, the word had obviously spread that this was as much a night for animators as it was for appreciators. The tech was charmingly shambolic, giving people a chance to have a drink and mingle.

We had some more interactive elements. Gloria Yehilevsky live scored Chris Randall's latest experimental instalment. Louis also improvised the sound effects for his recent animation. Ollie Jones showed his trilogy of music videos for Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Featuring film, stop motion, drawn, cut out, puppetry, miniatures, digital effects. Ollie threw the lot at them.

August 2019 Playlist:

Ross Butter - Space-Out, Naughty Prawns, Meatball

Holly Jameson - SS Pepperoni

William Marler - Bowtie Cat, The Worm

Shiyi Li - A Grampus Swims In Fingal's Cave

Interval Videos by:

Our first Overlap Animation Show & Tell took place during Flatpack Festival with a special live score from Greg McLeod for his latest film, BERMINGHAM. The prompt was 'Faces'. Appropriate AND vague.

This was the first night for local animators to showcase and socialise in Birmingham for about a decade. So, I was pretty nervous about who would actually submit or show up. Were there enough animators locally to make a weird interactive night like this successful?

It was an eye-opener at how many active filmmakers were around making REALLY good work. Mostly unaware of each other. 5 films were created specifically for the night and the crowd were really supportive. Luke Bourne's 'These Things In My Head - Side A', shortly went on to win an award at Annecy.

Hopefully we’ve started the seed of a network who motivate each other to keep being artists.

Thanks to Ayub Khan for the photos and Max Priddy for handling tech on the night.


May 2019 Playlist:

Greg McLeod - Bermingham + live scoring

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